Who We Are & What We Do

We are a group of about half a dozen folks who frequented sex-positive spaces and communities in the Bay Area for years before the pandemic. On a weekly basis, we coordinated ticketed events, instructor-led events, happy hours, educational programs, and initiatives that are centered around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for large groups of people in Oakland and San Francisco. Eventually, we launched After Hours to prioritize and create safer sex-positive spaces for BBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ and real, raw roundtable-style events that we didn't see happening anywhere else. We're not only a team of Leads - but we also enlist Volunteers to co-create what our community wants to see more of in the sex-positive and conscious relationships space.

Meet the Team

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Ivy Summer

Diversity & Inclusion
Newsletter & Blog Editor

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Purple Unicorn
Community Call Host

Men's Group Host




Volunteer Coordinator
Project Manager

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