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Our Why

What we stand for, what are values are, and what our vision is for the world

Our Mission

To build a community of thoughtful individuals who create inclusive brave spaces that: 

  • empower people to explore a variety of relationship styles

  • promote sexual health

  • provide education in a way that fosters a sense of belonging for all identities

  • encourage self-expression and sexual liberation

  • amplify the voices of those in underrepresented groups

  • create lifelong allies

Our Values


We strive to create an inclusive, supportive community that shares concern for each other’s well-being and growth. Members of the community make sustained efforts to explore other perspectives, give the benefit of the doubt when interacting with others, and allow for themselves and others to grow beyond their mistakes.



We affirm every individual's right to give, withhold, and revoke their free and knowing consent in their personal interactions and strive to create a community where people are empowered to do so. Members should encourage and support each other in sharing and expressing all aspects of identity, including but not limited to gender, orientation, race, and culture.



We take responsibility for our own safety and wellbeing, and for our impact on the safety and wellbeing of others and our community. Members of the community see personal growth as a lifelong process and actively seek ways to improve themselves. They take responsibility for their mistakes and proactively make amends where possible and appropriate.



We strive to create an environment where people are empowered to explore any type of relationship structure and sexual practice they choose (as long as those practices are ethical and consensual). Members of the community seek to learn more about the world and the experiences of others both within and outside of the community. 

Our Vision

A diverse and inclusive sex-positive community, and the larger society, that celebrate all identities and relationship styles, and promote sexual health and liberation for all.

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